Cinga 852S is a portable sugar mill surfacing welder with multiple applications specific to the sugar milling industry.

The machine can be readily and rapidly assembled and dismantled onsite.

Cinga 852S can be used with any suitable constant voltage power source.

Cinga 852S comprises X and Y axis traveler running on rigid aluminum tracks. Mounted on the x axis, is a 4-roll wire drive with 5-roll wire straightener and welding torch with optional water cooling.

*Made to order – Please contact us with any questions or any specific inquiries.


Cinga 852s can perform 8 easily programmable automatic welding procedures

  1. Rectangular surfacing, for hard facing or build up of any flat rectangular surface such as hammer/chipper, washer/trasher body etc.
  2. Crusher shell arcing, for depositing hard facing droplet on the side surface of crusher shell’s teeth.
  3. Picote welding, for depositing a hard facing droplet on the edge of the crusher shell’s teeth
  4. Triangle surfacing, for hard facing or build up of any flat triangular surface such as washer/thrasher/scrapper teeth.
  5. Crusher shell’s teeth welding, for building up the teeth’s surface.
  6. Crusher roll tip welding, for building up of crusher roll back to its original diameter.
  7. Stitch welding, for any stich welding and rebuild the side wall of crusher shell.
  8. Cylindrical welding, for automatic hard facing or build up or any cylindrical object such as shafts, roller etc.


Easy to operate

All parameters are set through the graphic interface touch screen which is easy for any operator to understand and use.

Smart teachable program

The touch screen guides the operator to teach the machine its start and finish points for each program. The machine automatically determines the motion for the welding torch.